What goes in a welcome basket?

When you arrive at a holiday let, having a welcome basket ready for you, can be the perfect welcome after a long journey. But what should be put in it? Is there anything that shouldn’t be put in it? and what special considerations should be made, to give your guests the best welcome possible?

The Essentials

There are certain items, that are included in the vast majority of welcome baskets. These are items that the guests can use to prepare a quick meal, snack, or use as part of a larger meal. This includes bread from a local bakers, eggs from our own smallholding, butter, cheese and milk from a local farm, tea, coffee and sugar. We can also include locally produced jam, biscuits, or an alternative sweet treat.

You may feel that giving your guests a bottle of something to drink is also an essential, especially as we are based on the Kent / Sussex border, where there are many local vineyards. We strongly recommend to all out holiday let owners, that this is not advertised as being included. Due to licensing laws, you can give it as a gift, but (so far as we understand) to advertise and sell alcohol you would need a license.

Although hard to source from a local supplier, it is always worth including squash or fruit juice, as an alternative to tea and coffee.

Additional Extras

Depending on who your guests are, and the type of property you have, can change what is included in the welcome basket. This can be seen as going above and beyond, and giving your guests that little something extra.

If you allow dogs, its always worth including a doggy treat and possibly a squeaky toy.

If the guests are bringing children, then activity books, treats and information about local activities always goes down well.

Depending on yours and your guests needs, the welcome basket can be filled with more items, to include bacon, sausages, fresh fruit and vegetables, and virtually anything that you need to be in there. We have a wide local network, and can source many locally produced items.

Anything else?

Welcome baskets can be used to include many different items. However not everything that could go in the welcome basket, should.
For example, notes and information about the property can be placed alongside, or in another room.
A folder with leaflets about local attractions can be left in the reception room.
Kitchen essentials can be placed in the cupboard, and anything that needs to be in a fridge, should be.

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