Repossession Services

Repossession Services

Hastings Property Services are pleased to offer a wide range of repossession services to landlords, agents and management companies. These services are offered throughout Sussex and parts of Kent, and cover most of the TN and BN postcode areas. We are used to working remotely, and provide services to a number of national asset managers.

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Repossession Services

Our Repossession services include:

Gaining entry and lock change

We gain entry into all doors and change the locks. This is typically done in a none-destructive manner. New locks or padlocks are placed onto side gates, sheds and outbuildings. We have minimum security requirements for the new locks that are installed, and these are typically higher than the locks that are removed. We can deal will most lock types, including Yale, mortice and deadlocks.
Furthermore, we ensure that all entrances are secured with new locks. This means that the previous owners / tenants keys won’t work any more.

Drain Down

If the property is being left empty for any period of time, then it should be drained down and the utilities turned off. We can do this for you, ensuring that the water, gas and electric are switched off. We drain the water tanks in the loft, and from the central heating system.
This can ensure that the chances of accidents happening within the property are greatly reduced.

Boarding and Shuttering

If required, windows and doors that need to be boarded can be. This may be due to someone attempting to gain entry, or the previous owners failure to maintain the property. Using suitable plywood and security screws, we can ensure that the property is secured.

House Sitting

When the previous tenants or owners need to get back into the property, to retrieve their possessions, this should be facilitated professionally.
Our house sitters are fully trained to ensure that the previous occupant does not get the keys, take built in items, or cause any further damage to the property. Typically booked for either a day or half day, we provide a suite of before and after pictures, as well as ensuring that relevant paperwork is completed.
Being independent contractors, we have a degree of separation from the landlord / management company.

Clearance and cleaning

When the previous occupant leaves a property, they often leave behind rubbish and waste that needs to be removed. We provide a complete clean and clear service. This includes the removal and disposal of almost everything, leaving the property empty and ready to be let or sold.

Our cleaning services will also ensure that the property is as clean as possible.

Property inspections

When left empty, it is always worthwhile having the property inspected at least fortnightly to ensure that its condition is maintained. These inspects check for signs of entry or attempted entry, fly tipping, squatters and damage. It also checks the utilities, inspects every room and much more. We provide a full suite of pictures after every inspection, together with a written report.

These inspections can be carried out at a time to suit your needs, however, we recommend that if the property is empty, it should be a minimum of every fortnight.

Garden Maintenance

Everyone knows that kerb appeal sells houses, and if a repossession property has a bad garden, it can bring the price down. As well as providing a one-off garden maintenance service, we can provide ongoing garden maintenance to ensure that gardens are kept up to a good standard.

This service typically runs from April until November, and can provide fortnightly grass cutting, and the removal of green waste from the site.

Why choose us for your repossession services

We have been working with many different asset managers, estate agents and landlords since 2007 and have dealt with many different properties. This includes mansions, to one bed studio flats. Occupants who have been very understanding, to those who would rather we didn’t do this job.
We know what it takes, and what your needs are. Your first call for repossession services in Hastings and Sussex, should always be Hastings Property Services/