Property Inspections

For all buildings, property inspections at regular intervals are crucial to ensure that they remain in a habitable condition, and don’t suffer from leaks, vandalism, break-ins or theft. We provide a full inspection service for owners, landlords, agents and commercial partners, that include full reports and pictures.

Our property inspections can be used for both tenanted and empty properties. For both circumstances, we provide a full written report, together with a suite of pictures of the property. These reports can be written for domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

We inspect everything from land and building sites, studio flats and small properties, all the way up to industrial units, retail, factories, garages and even mansions! No property is too big, or too small.

Empty Property Inspections

Property Inspections
Empty domestic property, with a time stamped photo

When a property becomes empty, it is often a requirement of the insurance company that it is inspected on a regular basis. This is a service that we provide, meeting the requirements of the insurer.

For each inspection, we produce a suite of time stamped photographs that show the condition of the property, together with a written report. This includes monitoring for any ongoing issues, looking for new evidence of break-ins or attempted break-ins, and monitoring for squatters. We also check the utilities, and record the meters on each visit. If required, this service can be combined with our drain down service to ensure that water pipes are empty, and the utilities are turned off.

Different insurers have different timelines for these inspections, and the regularity may be determined by other factors. Due to this, we visit at different times of the day, including early morning, and late at night.

Domestic Property Inspections

Regular inspections can keep a track of any issues within the property, and lets people see us going in and out, at different times of the day.

Our inspections are charged at a reasonable and realistic rate, and would typically include the following, although we can adjust to meet your bespoke needs:

Empty Property Inspections
Domestic properties inspected.

Visual exterior inspection, checking windows and door latches for any signs of break-ins.
Internally each room is inspected, looking for signs of deterioration that would include damp, leaks etc.
Pictures taken in each room, and posted to our secure online area where you can view.
A full report completed with recommendations for any work that we feel needs to be carried out.
Photos taken of utility meters, post collected and forwarded (at cost).
Any small amounts of litter gathering on the property are removed.

Normally, insurance companies require that empty (void) properties are inspected on a regular basis, and proof of this is supplied. All our pictures taken are time stamped, and we record our arrival and departure times from the property. Typically, we are on-site for a minimum of 20 minutes, and most inspections are complete in 30 minutes.

Commercial Property Inspections

Empty commercial properties can be a magnet for vandalism, damage, squatters and theft. After paying for void properties to be secured, it is then vital that they are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that nothing has happened to them, whilst awaiting a new tenant.

Commercial Unit Inspections
Commercial unit inspections. Covering work areas and offices.

Our inspection service can visit the properties on a regular basis, and report back any changes and difference that have occurred since our last visit. We take photos of every room on each visit, check meter readings, clear post and small rubbish and complete a full inspection report.

Depending on the size of the property, would depend on how long we spend there. Typically a small shop is complete in 20 minutes, where as an office block would take longer. Each property is treated the same.

For our commercial inspections, please contact us to get more details, and a bespoke quotation to meet your needs.