Lock Change Hastings

Lock Change and Drain Down

Hastings Property Services can offer a complete lock change and drain down service to properties throughout Hastings and East Sussex. Be this for the end of tenancy, repossession, or simply buying a new house, we can assist.

We can change every entry point lock, and secure all windows, gates and doors. It doesn’t matter if you have the keys or not, as we can gain entry using none destructive methods and still carry out a lock change.

If the property is being left empty for any period of time, we can turn off all services, and fully drain down the water system. Many insurance companies ask for empty properties to be drained down if they are being left for any period of time.

We deal with Landlords, Estate Agents, National Property Management companies as well as local companies and small portfolio owners, as well as new buyers of properties. Every time a property changes owners or tenants, there should be a lock change.

Lock Change Hastings

Lock Change Service

Our lock change service is ideal for properties that have just changed ownership, or handed back to the landlord. It means that anyone who has any keys for the old locks, can no longer gain access to the property. We can also advise on how to make the property more secure.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the keys, for all the locks, as we can assist with opening the closed locks, using a variety of non-destructive methods.

This service is quoted on a per property basis, and depends on the type and number of new locks that are required.

Hastings Locksmith Service

We can supply and install new locks, as well as changing old locks for a similar replacement.
Old locks can be rekeyed, so they have a new key, as well as changing locks so that a master key can be used (suitable for hotels and short term holiday rental properties).
Existing gates, windows and doors can be securely locked.
Extra keys can be cut and supplied.

Forced Entry

Non-Destructive Entry

Our forced entry service will use as many non-destructive methods as we can to force entry into your property. This is ideal for repossession and handed back properties, or people who have purchased, and not been given all the keys.
Once entry has been made, we can arrange for the locks to be changed, and new keys issued.
It is also ideal if a tenant has managed to lock themselves out, and require us to let them back in.

All Entrances Secured

We can secure all entrances to a property, including door and windows, If your property is going to be susceptible to break-ins, we can advise on the best and most secure methods to prevent anyone from getting in.
This may include securing windows, gates and shed with locks.
We have many years of experience of working with repossession properties, and preventing anyone from breaking into them.

Key Safe Installation

Sometimes a key safe needs to be left to allow for landlords or trade access into a property. They are also great for children to be able to have access to an elderly parent’s house, or just for an emergency set of keys to be left somewhere. We can supply and install key safes for most properties. Contact us for more details.

Full Drain Down

As part of a possession package, we allow for a complete drain down of the water system within a property. This ensures that the chance of a bust pipe due is minimised.
This includes turning off all services (power, gas and water), and draining down the heating and water tanks.
This helps to ensure no damage is done to the property, and it is also a requirement of many insurance policies that this is carried out.

For more details on any of our services, including lock change, please contact us via the details on this page.