Hastings Locksmith

Hastings Locksmith

Hastings locksmith from Hastings Property Services, providing a wide range of services related to locks and keys for both residential and commercial properties. These services include installing new locks, repairing or replacing existing locks, rekeying locks, making duplicate keys, and unlocking doors in the event of a lock-out. If you need a Hastings Locksmith, then call us today on 01424 559 313.

Our locksmiths have a deep understanding of how different types of locks work, as well as the tools and techniques needed to install, repair, and maintain them. They are also knowledgeable about security measures and can provide advice on how to improve the security of a property.

Hastings Locksmith

There are many different types of locks that we work with, including traditional mechanical locks, digital locks, and keyless entry systems. Mechanical locks include deadbolts, doorknobs, and padlocks, while digital locks use a keypad or biometric technology to unlock. Keyless entry systems, also known as smart locks, use Bluetooth or WiFi technology to allow entry using a smartphone or other device.

One of the main benefits of using our Hastings locksmith service is that they are often available 24/7 and can provide emergency services. This can be especially important if you are locked out of your home or business, or if you have experienced a break-in and need to have your locks changed immediately.

Gaining Entry

Our locksmiths use a number of different techniques to be able to gain entry to properties. This might be for a number of different reasons, from locking yourself out of the house, losing your keys, or landlords and bailiffs needing to gain entry to a property.

We can gain entry into houses, flats and bungalows, Sheds, garages and outbuildings. Commercial and industrial properties, as well as locked compounds.

Most of the processes we use are non-destructive, meaning that the locks can still be used again.

Emergency Hastings Locksmith

We can normally respond to calls for emergency assistance the same day, or the next day. Our emergency service is available for lock outs, locks that have stopped working, and properties that need to be secured following incidents.

Call us on 01424 559 313 to get your emergency Hastings locksmith today.

Lock Changes

Just one lock, or every lock in the house, our lock change service will ensure that no one has keys for your property, but you. We can supply secure locks to replace the most popular types, typically on the same day.

Rekeying and Master Keys

If you have a lock you would like to keep, but want a different key for it, we provide a rekeying service. This is where we change the inner parts of the lock, allowing for a new key to be used in the same lock. Also, we can change locks so they all work on one key.

Likewise, we can rekey locks to have them work with a master key, as well a room key. This is ideal for short terms lets, and HMOs.

Hastings Locksmith

We work for individuals, as well as commercial clients and agencies. We are taking on new customers, and agencies.

Our services are available 7 days a week, and can be booked by calling us on 01424 559 313 or using the form on the contact us page. If there is no answer, leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Payment for personal customers is made at the time the work takes place, and can be made using cards or cash. Our technicians carry card reading machines that can be used with chip and pin, as well as contactless payments.

All our work is guaranteed, and we carry locksmiths public liability insurance. Hastings Locksmith