Hastings House Clearance

House Clearance

Hastings House Clearance – clearing domestic and commercial properties, and leaving them ready to be moved into, let or sold. We remove almost everything, and do all the hard work for you.

Licensed, insured and professional

Hastings Property Services house clearance service allows for the removal and safe disposal of all kinds of household and light commercial items. This includes all the rubbish, furniture, bedding, kitchen items etc as well as anything that can be reused or recycled.

When quoting for a Hastings house clearance, we take into account any items that still have a monetary value, and minus this from the overall cost of the clearance. We are often cheaper than a skip, and definitely easier than doing it yourself. We do all the packing, lifting, moving and loading, so you don’t have to.

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Hastings House Clearance

Full House Clearances

Our full clearance service offers just that – a full and complete clearance where we clear everything. Well, nearly everything, we can’t remove asbestos or industrial chemicals, but the vast majority of household items, furniture, beds, carpets, sheds, garage and loft contents, all the ornaments and trinkets, kitchen cupboard contents etc can all be taken. This is ideal for getting a property ready for sale, or if you’ve just purchased and the previous owner has left everything behind.

We recycle or reuse as much as we possibly can from each clearance. It’s not in our interests to send too much to landfill. We do this in a number of ways that include (but not limited to) donations to local charities, auction houses, local selling and donations.

Partial House Clearance

Sometimes a full house clearance isn’t needed, so a partial one is better. This is normally useful for people who are downsizing, or when dealing with a hoarders property. We will assist you with removing what you need removed, and dispose of it in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.
The partial clearance does not just apply to the house. There are times when we are called in just to clear a loft, garage or basement, so that the residents can start using it again.

Rubbish Removal

Our rubbish removal service can be used for a one-off removal of rubbish, or a continual regular collection.

Who needs a Hastings House Clearance?

We have carried out many house clearances over almost 20 years, and have done them for a number of reasons.
This may be due to the death of a friend or relative, and is being done for probate, or to hand the property back to the council.
We have cleared properties on behalf of landlords and owners who have had the previous tenant evicted, and on behalf of commercial clients for mortgage and loan repossessions.
New homeowners have called us in to clear all the previous owners items that have been left behind.
There are many reasons why you may need a Hastings house clearance, and we can provide a free, no obligation quotation to complete the work.

Booking a Hastings House Clearance or Rubbish Clearance

Normally, a clearance starts with a phone call or email. From this initial contact we can make a date to come and view. We can also arrange for pictures to be sent to us, so we can quote from them. Normally we need to see what needs to be cleared. A written list typically won’t tell us the quality or condition of the items being removed.

Once we have viewed, we will issue you a quotation to complete the discussed clearance. All our quotes are best price first time. If you agree with the quotation, we then conduct the clearance at a time that suits you. You don’t need to be present when we do this, but are more than welcome to be there if you want to be.

We are fully licensed upper tier waste carriers, and are insured for Hastings house clearance. We do provide this service throughout East Sussex, and clear commercial and domestic properties.

Hastings House Clearance Information

Working alongside our sister company, Cleared Wright, we are fully licensed by the environment agency as an upper tier waste carrier, broker and transporter.
Our insurance policy covers us for £5,000,000 public liability and specifically lists House Clearance as our trade.
Our experiences cover almost 20 years of clearing houses, flats, bungalows and almost every domestic property you can imagine. We have worked for some of the biggest companies in the country, and individuals. We have seen it all, and nothing has yet put us off.

Cleaning service

Once the clearance is complete, we can provide a cleaning service that will then clean the property. This will leave it in a clean condition and ready to be sold, let, or moved into.
If you would like this service, please let us know at the earliest possible opportunity, so we can quote for this as well.

Working area

We provide our service throughout East Sussex. Our Hastings House Clearance is available in Battle, Bexhill, Heathfield, Hailsham, Rye, Eastbourne and many places in between.