Window Cleaning

Hastings Property Services are pleased to offer a complete window cleaning service in Hastings and surrounding villages. Using a mixture of traditional cleaning techniques, together with water fed poles, means that we can reach almost any window on most domestic and commercial properties.

We offer one off, regular and emergency cleaning services, from a trusted Hastings Window Cleaner.

Window Cleaning Hastings

How does our Hastings window cleaning service work?

Once booked onto our system, we’ll arrange an initial visit to the property. This always takes longer than further visits, as we like to bring the windows and frames up to our standards. There may be a small additional charge for the initial clean. Following the initial visit, we’ll then visit monthly or bi-monthly to clean your windows.

We use water fed pole systems to reach windows, meaning we normally don’t require ladders to access all the windows around a property.

How much does it cost?

There are different factors that can effect the cost of cleaning windows in Hastings. These include how easy is the access, what type of windows they are, and anything that can make the job more time-consuming. Taking that into account, we price each property based on its own merits. Please remember that when cleaning, we also clean frames and sills. We ask that you contact us for a free, no obligation, quotation.

What makes us different?

When cleaning windows in Hastings, we use a mixture of traditional and water fed pole methods. The traditional method is where you see someone with a bucket and a squeegee, and the water fed poles is like you see now at many office buildings; someone with a pole, that is squirting water out the brush on the top. Both these methods can be used on domestic and commercial properties. Our poles use special ‘pure water’, that when it dries, does not leave behind marks or streaks. This means we don’t need to take bulky ladders with us, and can reach many windows that ladders would struggle with.

How Do I Book?

We try to make the booking process as easy as possible. You can call us on our office phone and leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as quick as possible. Our number is 01424 559 313.

You can email us direct at

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