Odour and infection control cleaning

Whenever there is an outbreak of any infection or disease, you need a specialist infection control cleaner to sanitise and clean the entire property. Likewise, when bad smells have penetrated theĀ  property, and cannot be removed by conventional methods. We have the specialist skills and equipment to ensure our odour and infection control cleaning service will assist with both these issues.

Working with schools, hospitals, care homes, EMI units and more, we are the specialist who can assist. From kitchens and lounges, through to bedrooms and store areas, there is no where within a property that our service can’t reach.

Using, safe, non toxic, chemicals, we can clean almost anywhere. From the floors and walls, to ceilings, doors and cupboards. Using specialist fogging equipment, ensures we get the germs and infections wherever they may be hiding.

From bodily fluids, to germs and pathogens, our service offers a one stop shop for infection control and odour neutralisation. Call our specialist staff today on 01424 559 313 to discuss your needs.

Working with specialists, you can be sure of getting the infection control service you need. We offer a 24 hour call out service, 365 days a year, and can be in most areas of Kent and Sussex within 60 minutes.