Bee Swarm Collection

Bee Swarm Collection

Hastings Property Service offers a honey bee swarm collection throughout Hastings and Rother council areas. If a swarm of bees has arrived at your property, then call us now.

For Bee Swarm Removals in Hastings and Rother,
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We work with beekeepers who take in these bees and house them. The bees are then able to continue collecting pollen and nectar to make (in our opinion) the best local honey.

This service is offered for the removal of honey bees, that have swarmed from their previous hives, and landed on your property. Please be sure that it is honey bees that we are dealing with. For other flying insects, and bee cut-outs, a charge may be applied, and we will discuss you before starting any work.

How do I know if its a honey bee swarm?

There are many species of bees in the UK. Some live underground, some in old trees. However, the only bee we remove is the honey bee. When they swarm, they move as a large group, and will typically do 1 of 2 things. They will either enter a new home, void, or gap and start building. Or, you will see them bunched up together on a bush, tree or other structure.

Bee Swarm Collection


What is a ‘bee cut-out’?

A bee cut-out is where bees have been living in a void, typically a building, for a number of years. Over this time they have built up comb. This comb then houses an amount of brood and honey. A cut-out, is where we come in and totally remove the bees and comb. If we didn’t remove it all, the comb could still attract further bees into the area again. Also, leaving a large amount of honey in the walls can lead to further issues should this start seeping through walls and ceilings.


Hastings bee swarm collection is offered as a free service, however conditions do apply. Should we arrive and find that the swarm is not a honey bee swarm, we can offer advice as to the type of insect, and the cost of the removal of it (if required).