Airbnb Management Hastings

Airbnb Management

Hastings Property Services offer 2 main Airbnb services to holiday lets in Hastings, Rye, Winchelsea, Bexhill and surrounding area. These cover what we have found to be what most owners want and need. Read on to get more details of the Airbnb Management service that we provide, and how it can help you, as an owner. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, as we can take care of your property, your bookings, and your guests.

Our 2 main services are:

Airbnb Management and Bookings

For this, we will handle virtually everything. There will still be the odd things that we need your approval for, or you may wish to do, but the vast majority we handle. This includes:

  • Creating, maintaining and editing the listing on Airbnb and similar sites.
  • Answering queries from potential guests
  • Handling deposits, and payments for stays
  • Provide check in (if required)
  • Maintaining guest communication during their stay
  • Check out and inspection
  • Release of deposit
  • Cleaning, emptying bins
  • Provide bed linen and towels.
  • Getting the property ready for the next guest.
  • Maintenance, gardening and other services.

Our terms and conditions for Airbnb booking and management handling can be read here:

Airbnb Management

For this, we offer all from the above, but exclude the listing, guest communications, deposits and anything associated with Airbnb.

This can be handy for owners who still want a hands-on approach to their listing, but don’t want to be doing the hands-on work at the property.

Our terms and conditions for Airbnb Management can be read here:


Q. Can I still stay at my property?

A. Yes, you can. However, if it’s planned in advance, please let us know, so we can block out those days from taking bookings. If it’s last minute, when you can see a spare night or two, again, please let us know ASAP. The quicker we know, the quicker we can make sure that no bookings are taken. If we have to cancel bookings due to owners wanting the property, then fees may be charged.

Q. How and when will I be paid?

A. If we are handling the full service for you, then we will send the monies owed to your account at the end of each month. We will also send a full report of bookings taken in that month.

Q. How much do you charge for Airbnb Management?

A. It depends on the service offered. We charge as a percentage of the nightly rate, and it is typically between 15 and 20%

Q. How long is the contract for?

A. We ask that an initial 6-month contract is signed, and that the property is available for letting for at least 4 of those months.

Q. I’m already on Airbnb and don’t want to lose my listing, can you still help?

Yes, we can. We would ask that you add us as a co-host on Airbnb, so we can assist with the listing, and attempt to maximise the yield for you.

Q. I haven’t purchased a property yet, but I am considering it, can I get your opinion on the current market conditions, and what the best options are for me going forward, and how much I can expect to earn?

A. No. We are more than happy to talk about our services, and what we can provide. If instructed, we can advise on how to improve the property to maximise the yield from it.
However, we are not financial advisors, and do not offer advice outside our expertise.
If you would like to know how much revenue your property may generate, have a look at Airbnb for similar properties, in a similar area.

Q. I’ve just inherited / purchased a property, and I want to Airbnb it, but it needs alot of work. I can’t do it all, can you help?

A. Yes, we can. We have local trades people that we use, and provide a quotation for getting the property up to standards, including all certificates and inspections that are needed.

Q. What would I still need to do if I took the full Airbnb management service?

A. Our Airbnb management service can cover most things. However, we do recommend that owners look after some things themselves. This can include property insurance, TV license, phone line (for wifi), gas, electric, water and any other utilities.
Some owners like us to manage these all, others retain the management of these.

Airbnb Management Worked Example:

You sign up for our Bookings and manage service, and we charge you 20%. As we use channel management software, you will be on the Host only Airbnb service fee, which is typically 14 to 16%.

If the cost per night is £200, and the property is rented for 10 nights in a month, the total income is £2000 for that property.

Airbnb service fee at 14% is £280.
Our fee at 20% is £400

Your earning in this example are £1320.

The cleaning fee is based on each property, and covers the cost of our cleanings preparing the property for the next guest.

We Aim To Maximise Airbnb Management Yields

Airbnb management isn’t easy, and getting it right can be very profitable. We aim to maximise the yield for the owner, whilst ensuring the guests have a great stay. We do this by using our experience and skills to ensure the property is set to a high standard and ready for every guest.